Stoptober & Go Sober for October

As the nights get longer and weather cools off we start thinking about Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas; they aren’t that far away now! In one last push to get some of those New Year’s resolutions sorted before the end of the year, October offers two options with Stoptober and Go Sober for October. So if you want to quit smoking or drink less, this month has got you covered!

You can benefit from participating in these events. If you quit smoking and/or drinking you may be able to save money on your protection policies in addition to the health benefits of your new lifestyle. In the UK lung cancer accounted for 13% of all cancer cases in 2013 and was the most common cause of cancer death in 2014. *1

Sadly, alcohol-related deaths and injuries are on the rise. Diseases or injuries linked to drinking as a primary or secondary diagnosis rose by 30,000 from 2013-14 to 2014-152. Deaths rose by 4% in the same period and a shocking 63% of alcohol-related deaths were from alcohol-related liver disease. *2

While you can’t predict what happens you can predict how you can cope financially in the aftermath of an accident, illness or death. Don’t leave talking to an adviser about protection too long - if the unexpected should happen, being prepared is the key to being protected!



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